"Songwriting and performing talent at this level should not be overlooked ... Harris' vocals are rich, emotional and convincing ... His songs always contain sophistication and subtlety ..."

"With just an acoustic guitar for company, Harris showed an impeccably fluid style which enabled him to focus on the lyrics as he no doubt intended. Though his focus is on songwriting, he qualifies as a solid guitarist as well."

"Skillfully crafted songs with meaningful lyrics form a solid basis for David Harris' material ..."

"The show was at once an intimate and rewarding experience ..."

"The uniqueness is refreshing and calming ..."


- Music Connection Magazine


David Harris' rhythmic ... lyrics and relaxed guitar melt together as Dylan and Simon might. The lyrics show an introspective ken which takes amorous words to a new plane ..."

- Victory Music Magazine


- Bam Music Magazine

"Sophisticated lyrics, finely crafted tales … Harris' voice is strong and brightly textured with emotion."




"… Uplifting and sincere …"

"… Your performance was excellent and attracted many people! …"

"… Great show! … Let us know when you want to come back …"

"… Gladly received … Your message was clear, both in your humorous dialogue and in the lyrics of your songs …"

"... I heard many wonderful things about your performance! …"

"The performance was a great success..."

"I really enjoyed your music, your jokes and your guitar playing!"

"You live sound is just like your CD!"